Lingo On the Go offers quality translation service to its customer in African languages. . Our translators/interpreters have both experience and adequate training to do your job satisfactorily.  Also, we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, professionalism, knowledge, and our readiness for service.
When you book our services you can rest assured that your job will be well done. If for any reason you feel otherwise, please let us know. We will do everything we can to fix the problem at no additional cost to you. If you have any additional questions please check our FAQ page or send us an email at You may also give us a call at (619)270-8795.  Our goal is  to meet your language needs with the highest level of satisfaction.We look forward to working with you and become your language services provider.


Experience: Over 7 years of experience providing quality translation service in the medical field as well as legal, academic, social… in San Diego County and surrounding areas.

Price competitiveness: Our translation services rates are very competitive.

Reliability: When We say yes to a job, you can rest assured that our translator will show up, because we know how problematic not showing up can be, especially in emergency situations.

HIPAA compliant: the information shared during an interpretation session is kept confidential at all times.

Efficiency: here at Lingo on the go we understand that every single minute of your time matters. This is why we decided to make it possible for you to see our availability in real time and book us instantly. You will only call when it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Quality translation service


The love for what we do is yet another reason why to hire Lingo On the Go for your job. Every smile that we see on the faces of those we serve after each interpretive session gives us the reason to continue doing our job with great passion. We can’t wait to see a smile on your’s too. Quality translation service is what we offer


At the center of Maslow’s pyramid is the need for belonging, a need to feel like we are part of something larger than self. Whether it be in a job, in the neighborhood, in the family, wherever we are and no matter what our cultural background is we need to feel connected with the people around us. We want them to listen to us; we want them to understand us. Because when they do, miracles start taking place: healing, restoration, strong relationships, and abundance become reality in our life.  And this is where Lingo On the Go comes in. Our goal is to strengthen communities by fostering mutual understanding between community members through language. What does that mean exactly?  you may ask.

What we do

Lingo On the Go removes language and cultural barriers that hinder effective communication between people. We create an environment of mutual understanding by:

  1. Listening carefully to what is being said and observing keenly what is not being said during an interpretation session.
  2. Asking clarifying questions to make sure that we understand the message.
  3. Not taking sides or voicing our own opinion during the exchange.
  4. Rendering the message as faithfully as we possibly can.
  5. Adhering to HIPAA regulations in keeping our clients’ information confidential at all times and circumstances(except in instances where the law requires us to share that information for security and health reasons)

This is our commitment to you.