The innovative delivery of language services

Discover what true partnership looks and feels like. No hidden fees, no percentage off of every hour you work for; fix your own prices and schedule. Be your own boss (in the true sense of the word)

blankDecide How much you get paid for your services: Why do you need someone else to decide how much you make for your services. You work just as hard as anybody else out there, yet you cannot determine how much you can get paid for your work. Lingo On the Go is bringing that to an end.

Sit at the negotiating table: Here at Lingo On the Go we do not see why in the 21st century, the digital age you still need someone to speak for you and make decisions for you. It is time to make your voice heard and claim your place at the negotiating table. We made it possible for you to talk directly with the people who need your services. They can tell you directly what they need and you can tell them what you require for your services.

Decent pay for your hard work

Take home everything you work for. Language services are known to be very expensive, however, most of the money that is paid out for language services does not end in interpreters/translators’ pockets. Interpreters/translators only make a small fraction of the amount paid out when they are the ones who did the work. This arrangement does not sound right. Lingo On the Go has looked into this situation and has come up with a strategy where interpreters will take home everything they work for. Sign up with us and start enjoying the benefit of taking home a bigger check than you’ve been used to.

What is the catch? There is none. You will only pay a monthly subscription fee allowing you to use our platform and after that you will be in charge. Here is what will make this deal more appealing to you. If you do not get at least 5 bookings in a particular month, enough to justify your subscription fee, you will pay half, the following month.

Tips for Interpreters / Translators

  • Offer your best: your ratings will determine how busy you will be. 
  • Be reasonable when pricing your services. Don’t sell yourself too cheaply and don’t over charge your patrons. 
  • Be responsive. If a client contacts you for any reason related to language services, respond in a timely manner. Customer service is very important. 
  • Log in your portal as often as you can. If you are off all the time, requesters won’t be able to book you. 
  • Look your best when you go to your appointments. Impression matters. 
  • Continue to sharpen your skills