Interpreter Service

The innovative delivery of language services

Establishing a direct link between interpreter / translator with those who use his/her services is what we do

Lingo On the Go is not an interpretation/translation agency. We do not hire interpreters. We are a platform that connects professional interpreters with people/agencies who need their services. Lingo On the Go creates an environment where the interpreter and those who consume his/her services can work together in a mutually beneficial way. We designed our website with the idea of simplifying the process of requesting interpretation/translation services, make language services accessible on the go (wherever you are), and make language services more affordable.

Expressing one’s ideas should not cost an arm and a leg. This is why Lingo On the Go adopted a different approach to language services.

Our approach

1. Removing the middle-man:

Relationships thrive when involved parties can communicate unhindered. By removing the middleman, Lingo On the Go allows service providers and interpreters to work with each other directly without a need for a third party facilitator. Each party will say to the other what they need in order to complete the task on hand.

2. Fairly Reward effort of Interpreter/Translator hard-work:


Interpreters are doing a lot, but they are not fairly compensated for their work because most of the money they earn ends up in the pockets of the middleman. By removing the middleman, the interpreter will be able to negotiate better pay while still allowing their clients to save money.

3. Improve the quality of service:

Although more money does not solve all motivation problems, it will at least remove some of the basic ones. For instance, when interpreters are well paid, they will not think about switching to other fields because they do not make enough in the interpretation/translation industry. When interpreters are treated like “true independent contractors” (their own bosses) they will do more and better in order to maintain their reputation and as a consequence, the quality of service will improve.

4. Lower the cost of service:

With the middleman gone, interpreters/translators will start competing with other interpreters. Those who offer quality service and at decent prices will win more business. Consequently, lead others to improve their quality and adjust their prices.