The innovative delivery of language services

Professional Translation Services

With the passing of each day the world is becoming smaller and smaller making the need for professional translation services a necessity. Cultures are opening up to other cultures and that requires a certain level of mutual understanding between them. Language translation plays a crucial role in all of that. From travel documents to hotel menus…
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Best Translators, how to find them

Are you looking to hire a translator/interpreter for your job? In this article I share 4 important tips on how to choose the best translators or interpreters. They are very simple, however when applied correctly they can help you accomplish excellent results. The candidate must be fluent in your language. They must have good command…
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Interpretation Services with exceptional professionalism

Lingo On the Go is a platform that connects service providers and interpreters/translators, eliminating the need to use third parties as facilitators.  Interpreters sign up and are able to provide professional interpretation services in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation modes. Whether you need services in the courtroom, at Dr.’s appointments, in conferences, etc. Interpreters using…
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