Academic Translation servicesDo you offer academic translation services?

Yes, we provide academic translation services to schools at all levels(from pre-school all the way to college). We do IEP meetings, behavior issues meetings, performance meetings, attendance problem meetings, foreign language proficiency tests…

Do you have a minimum service time policy?

Yes, minimum time of service is 2 hours per appointment.

Lingo On the Go Frequently asked questionsWhat is the arrangement for people who book you outside the County of San Diego?

We will bill travel time if trip to and from the appointment location is more than 2 hours round trip. If the trip requires airfare, hotel accommodation, taxi service, the service requester will pay for the  expenses related to the trip.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We will bill no shows and late cancellations at the 2-hour minimum rate for appointments with scheduled duration time of 1 to 3 hours. We will bill appointments with scheduled duration time of 4 -5 hours at half-day (4 hours) rate. And those with scheduled duration time of more than 5 hours at full day (8 hours) rate.

Appointments cancelled within the same week they were booked will be considered late cancellations if the cancellation is announced less than 24 hours before the appointment. If however an appointment that was booked weeks or months in advance is cancelled, the cancellation will be considered late if it is announced one week before the appointment. The client will be billed for the entire time (hours or days) the assignment was scheduled to last minus the accommodations(travel time, mileage reimbursement, per diem, and lodging).

Sometimes we accommodate last minute appointments. If you schedule a last minute appointment and cancel it within two hours, there will be no charge to you. If cancellation comes after 2 hours  we will charge the minimum time of service for that appointment.

Mileage reimbursementWhat is your mileage reimbursement policy?

Appointments that are more than 30 miles from our address are subject to mileage reimbursement. We calculate mileage reimbursement based on current Federal mileage reimbursement rate.